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The Story So Far

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Chapter 1

Cynthia Roots for the Fatherland

Cynthia and Ernest are using sex to extort war information from un-suspecting John’s. Will Cynthia’s latest pick-up be the death of her?

Chapter 2

Lola is Persauded

Roger is recruiting for his new Bordello – Does Lola have what it takes?

Chapter 3

Georgina Comforted in her Grief

Georgina’s boyfriend was blown to pieces in his Spitfire defending the Nation. Will Roger take advantage of her grief?

Chapter 4

Regina Dies, Reggie is Saved

Roger drags a waif from the street, he strips and beds her – will Georgina see his actions as benevolent?

Chapter 5

Why Queenie was Killed

Georgina is moved by Reggie’s story, is Reggie here to stay?

Chapter 6

Roger wants Georgina and his freedom.

Will Roger’s promise to Lola, sink his budding relationship with Georgina?

Chapter 7

An accommodation is reached.

Roger convinces Georgina to value her virginity a bigger game is at play

Chapter 8

Roger bathes another feisty woman.

Georgina is discredited and sacked while Roger suffers deja vu, another bath another feisty woman.

Chapter 9

Where honor is more important than CLEARANCE.

Roger brings home another stray, she impresses the girls. They form a sorority of pain; Ultra dolorem.

Chapter 10

The girl’s bond is consummated.

The girls enjoy sapphic pleasure. Georgina is left with a dilemma.

Chapter 11

Abigail is Willingly Abused.

The spymaster rewards Abigail with abuse. She is tortured with her worst nightmare.

Chapter 12

What does Virginity Mean?

The girls want Georgina to join in next time, she needs to speak to Roger. He responds in a language everyone understands.

Chapter 13

Aphrodite is born, the goddess of love and what a fiesty bitch she is.

The club is ready to go, Georgina bestows godheads on the girls. Why be a prostitute when you can be a goddess?

Chapter 14

Georgina stills Reggie’s night terrors.

The club recruits it first Foundation member, who enjoys his sign on bonus. Georgina deals with Reggie’s nightmares.

Chapter 15

Crash crashes, he is unused to being dominated.

Crash visits the club to do Roger’s bidding but he soon learns an important life lesson.

Chapter 16

Georgina handles the police.

Georgina; fighter, dancer and the most wanton virgin.

Chapter 17

Georgina wakes to a pleasant surprise.

Fear of Brielle forces Knuckles to confess. The girls scheme to take over the streets.

Chapter 18

Georgina’s past threatens her future.

Georgina knows she and Roger are over but will she tell him the truth?

Chapter 19

Motorcycling agrees with Reggie.

William disappoints both Georgina and Reggie.

Chapter 20

Mosley is undone and extortion at the Met is exposed.

‘The Glasgow Kiss’ Jock Mosley is charged with multiple murders. Dodson and Waverley reveal the rot in the Met goes right to the top.

Chapter 21

Roger unwraps his Birthday Gifts.

Roger thought his birthday was forgotten but Georgina finds the ideal gift. A gift that would please ANY man.

Chapter 22

Roger’s worship of Georgina causes problems.

Roger thinks she is a goddess. Georgina feels unworthy and grubby.

Chapter 23

Uncle Ralph upsets Georgina, Roger fixes it.

Georgina Enjoys the Feeling of Contentedness with Roger deep inside her.

Chapter 24

Roger is Surprised by his own Surprise.

Georgina refuses Roger’s proposal but he overcomes her reluctance. In the honeymoon suite they enjoy REAL sex.

Chapter 25

Octavian is shredded much to Roger’s joy, but unknowingly he fuels their role play.

Roger is denied sex until he agrees to forsake his marriage vow of celibacy. Georgina has other plans.

Chapter 26

Georgina and Reggie find a way to make more intimate contact.

Return from the honeymoon and right back where they left off with intimacy joyously shared amongst friends.

Chapter 27

Their honeymoon is over or is the sex better and better.

Are they being betrayed? Are Lola and Brielle really what they seem?.

Chapter 28

The girls play with ice and make it hard for Roger.

Reggie’s faith in Georgina is almost destroyed. They celebrate their reaffirmation of friendship with Roger.
The Baroness pleads for a session with Roger and Georgina.

Chapter 29

The Baroness pleads for a session with Roger and Georgina.

The Baroness has never come. She wants to role play with Georgina and Roger, to relive her father’s abuse in the hope that she might gain the gift of orgasm.

Chapter 30

Willian is intimate with EVERY girl at the Hogarth Club, especially Reggie.

Williams special talents are used to protect the girls working at the club. Reggie steals him away to study the architecture.

Chapter 31

Brielle’s emotional control is shattered by multiple orgasms.

Brielle comes in from the cold. Georgina’s marriage has not changed their relationship. In Georgina’s arms she shares a chilling portent.

Chapter 32

Judith’s plan fails, her psychiatrist is a charlatan. Roger reams her like a randy goat, is that what she needs?

Georgina persuades Roger to help he shatter Judith’s father’s conditioning. Roger is surprised at how sweet a Sexagenarian can be.

Chapter 33

Reggie and Judith play in the Dungeon.

Reggie dominates Judith and makes her come as a Lady. They are both shocked by and enjoy Reggie’s latest invention.

Chapter 34

Georgina becomes Roger’s slave but who is controlling who?

While Georgina and Roger are playing harems the forces gather against them.

Chapter 35

Reggie learns quickly to dominate, she includes friends too!

The new Domanitrix subdue the traces of rebellian from their first client, before exploring their own needs.

Chapter 35

Roger kills Georgina.

Georgina and Roger are abducted. Roger shoots to kill but who has he slain?

Chapter 36

Reggie and Brielle find solace in each other.

Georgina is missing, but she is being seriously missed. Reggie and Brielle find a way.

Chapter 37

Haggith breaks Abigail’s conditioning, with her evil tongue.

The dog eroded Abigails faith in Koenig. Lola rebuilds her faith but in herself.